1. What is the Accumold Scholars program all about?

A partnership between Accumold and DMACC was formed to create opportunity for Accumold to help train the company’s future workforce and at the same time help raise the general awareness of the DMACC  programs. Each year up to 5 scholarships will be awarded.

2. Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply.

3. How do I apply?

There are three separate applications to be filled out. In order to apply for the Scholarship program you must be first accepted by DMACC. Then an application for the Accumold Scholarship portion. Along with that and Accumold will need to fill out as well.

4. Do I have to work at Accumold to receive the scholarship?

The intention is for all scholarship winners to have some part-time employment with Accumold during the schooling process with the idea that upon successful completion of the program moving to full-time. The scholarship does not guarantee a full-time job after graduation, this will be at the discretion of Accumold.

5. What does the scholarship cover?

Accumold Scholars will be awarded scholarships from Accumold for the 36 technical credits required for the DMACC Machinist Technology diploma, the 36 technical credits for the Die Making diploma and/or the 72 technical credits for the Electronic, Robotics and Automation diploma. It does not cover non-technical course tuition, books, etc…

6. What happens if I’m not accepted to DMACC?

Acceptance in the Accumold Scholarship program requires successful acceptance to DMACC.

7. What happen if I change majors, fail or drop out?

If during the course of the scholarship you are no longer involved in the program courses for one reason or another you will be expected to reimburse Accumold for the portion used.

8. Where’s the best place to get more information?

Everyone is encouraged to attend one of the scheduled Informational Meetings.

9. Who do I contact if I have further questions?

See the contacts page for a list of contact options.


Download the Program FAQ sheet.